paulsiu 發表於 15-8-2015 00:18:21

1/200 trumpeter destroyer propeller

Wonder if any ship mates do have a few pairs of these four blades propellers that can pass on to me?

Thks a mil and much appreciated ...

tomtso 發表於 20-8-2015 00:04:04



Harquebus 發表於 26-8-2015 12:47:38

Are you talking about the black plastic 4 blade propellers that comes with Trumpeter Courageous, Harbin (Luhu) and Luda class?

paulsiu 發表於 16-9-2015 12:56:34

Yes Harquebus ... very nice for RC boats, as well as 1/350 battleships ....

Harquebus 發表於 18-9-2015 17:09:45

I notice there are usually four propellers in each box so someone has some to spare. They measure approximately 17.6 mm. Is it possible to contact Trumpeter and purchase them as spare parts? I can order spare parts from Tamiya for a few dollars.
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