Harquebus 發表於 16-11-2013 06:37:54

Thank you for sharing your fleet. I have 3 of your vessels and count myself lucky to have them: 113 Qingdao (Type 052), 110 Dalian (Luda destroyer from A-A models, same kit as yours) and the 1/150 Houijian class (Type 037-II).

Is every ship in your fleet converted to radio control (RC)?

Fine work regardless. :D

paulsiu 發表於 18-11-2013 09:40:33

Hi, and yes, all are converted to RC, good fun to play around with ...

Harquebus 發表於 20-11-2013 10:13:30

paulsiu: do you have a build log for these ships in the forum? Would love to see what kind of motors and RC gear you have used to convert. Most of these kits have gearbox transmission to utilize one motor/two propellers. Problem is they are noisy and I do not want to use them.


paulsiu 發表於 20-11-2013 12:57:33

Try to get some pics for you. Have been using either 2 x Tamiya R370 or 2 x R180 motors for destroyers, and 1 R180 for the missile boat. All running on 2mm shaft.

Didi get rid of the original gear box as it's noisy as you've rightly put it, and it breaks very easily.

cmpang 發表於 20-11-2013 13:59:26

Paul, your two missle launchers arrived..

paulsiu 發表於 20-11-2013 15:45:20

cmpang 發表於 20-11-2013 13:59 static/image/common/back.gif
Paul, your two missle launchers arrived..

Much thks Pang Gor, should I pass the sum to Cheung and you can then collect from him? Thks again,

cmpang 發表於 20-11-2013 22:15:55

no problem if Boss Cheung doesn't mind...

paulsiu 發表於 21-11-2013 10:31:19

Will inform Cheung on this la ... thks again ...

paulsiu 發表於 28-11-2013 15:30:47

paulsiu 發表於 28-11-2013 15:31:26

Just some pics on how I have set things up for my 1/200 vessels
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